Its story

The Frediani & Del Greco company is a historical company in Lucca, it has been producing olive oil for over 60 years and it has always selected excellent raw material.

The story of this company is made up of passion, commitment, continuity and presence on the territory. It started in Lucca in 1958, it has always been inspired by the profound culture of oil that permeates this territory and it is a treasure handed down from generation to generation.

The production of extra virgin olive oil was developed by Frediani & Del Greco in this wonderful city and later (1870), thanks to the partnership with the Rubino Company, they were able to export their products around the world and to promote the “made in Italy” also in an international distribution..

Today the Frediani & Del Greco also contributes to the solution of occupational problems, it safeguardes the territory, enhancing local and italian productions and it also safeguards the environment, using self-produced clean energy from a photovoltaic system. Moreover the Company also pursues some objectives that are not directly economic but of integration with the agricultural production, enhancing all the olive oil types in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding markets.

In Italy and all over the world Frediani & Del Greco has a commercial structure made of regional distributors, agents and directly served areas with salesmen who take care of customers, understanding their needs and offering innovative solutions.
The Frediani & Del Greco Company is an important productive reality for the area of Lucca which is among the most known for its quality and competence in Italy and all over the world.

Thanks to its great activity of research, design and quality control, and to the collaboration with analysis laboratories equipped with the most modern technologies, Frediani & Del Greco has reached a productive capacity of 100,000 liters per day with a remarkable use of labor force which is an additional wealth for the territory.