Where does the Frediani & Del Greco quality come from?

Even before reaching the company the raw material is carefully selected through the work of skilled staff who looks for the best oil mills and analyses the value of the oils, which will be later chosen among lots of different varieties selecting those that meet the quality standards of taste, organoleptic properties and qualities.

These quality standards are maintained during all the phases of the activity, from bottling to storage in a protected environment, and later during distribution in Italy and abroad.

The Frediani & Del Greco extra virgin olive oil brings our Made in Italy all over the world.

Oil culture has become part of the eating habits of those who choose a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste, a choice that has actually spread among lots of people around the world.

The Frediani & Del Greco oil represents an Italian choice in the large, international distribution. It is an opportunity that more and more buyers choose thanks to the high quality that the company researches for all its products.

Having a healthy diet involves olive oil, all over the world.



FDA Certificate


Documento giustificativo BIO

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Certificati di conformità alle regole alimentari ebraiche


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Certification of Halal product