Olive pomace oil: a neutral taste for your recipes

Our pomace oil is an oil with a charcateristic light taste. It is obtained from the combination of oils coming from the processing of pomace olive oils and extra virgin oils.

This product, like all the other Frediani & Del Greco ones, is a quality oil with a high level of resistance to high temperatures thanks to its particularly high smoke point. This particular property ensures a broader range of use, which allows to use this product even at high temperatures that usually prevent the use of other oils.

How can you use it? Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures it is particularly suitable to prepare focaccia and to fry, but you can also use it as a seasoning for your barbecues thanks to its very delicate taste.

Packed in

1 liter bottles
5 liter tins and pet

pallet's composition

-1 lt EPAL 80x120: 45 cartons (9 cartons of 12 bottles for 5 layers) or 90 cartons (18 cartons of 6 bottles for 5 layers)

-5 lt EPAL 80x120: 48 cartons (12 cartons of 4 tins for 5 layers)