A balanced, harmonious, well-rounded flavour, together with notes of freshness make this extra virgin oil a timeless product: what you really expect from a true classic.

It satisfies different tastes, it can enrich sauces, roasts and side dishes and as grandma said: “oil is gold for the cook!”.

Packed in

1 liter
3 and 5 liter tins and pet

pallet's composition

-1 lt EPAL 80x120: 45 cartons (9 cartons of 12 bottles for 5 layers) or 90 cartons (18 cartons of 6 bottles for 5 layers)

-3 lt EPAL 80x120: 70 cartons (14 cartons of 6 tins for 5 layers)

-5 lt EPAL 80x120: 48 cartons (12 cartons of 4 tins for 5 layers)